Our SME Training Courses this Autumn

Our next Pharmaceutical Engineering and GEP Trends course delivered by Mark Thompson is one of two planned for the remainder of 2019. SME Series

It’s been a very interesting 12 months in the field of High Purity Water Systems.

  • Developments in Pharm Eur WFI guidance.
  • Draft Annex 1 interpretation.
  • ISO 22519 standard on PW and WFI.

In addition to the usual PW and WFI Training where we cover everything from Raw Water to POU, we will be presenting on these recent developments. It is key to understand the industry and regulatory responses to these developments so that their implementation is based upon knowledge rather than just a blanked approach. We always have a large amount of the training on inspection trends, top 10 deficiencies etc. and this year we will be recounting regulatory feedback regarding the new standard and Annex 1 developments.

All of these courses are based upon real world experience in todays market place / regulatory environment. We are involved in Project Support from URS concept through to PQ and ongoing maintenance/troubleshooting. This experience is developed throughout the training. Stan O’Neill’s regulatory perspective is invaluable in helping with audit preparation and inspection presentation.

These training courses are all part of the SME series of courses run in conjunction with GXP Training.

To Book on any of the courses follow the link from the COURSE CALENDAR page